Sally Moss is recognised as the most influential female strength coach in the UK, with a global reputation as a champion of women’s weightlifting.

As the creator of weight-training classes, Ladies Who Lift and the popular blog Strength Ambassadors, Sally told me about how it all began: “I started a blog in 2007 about strength training and before I was a fitness professional I was a passionate amateur and had gained quite a lot of attention and had met people through the blog.”

She added: “I wasn’t happy with what I was doing for a job and it seemed like an obvious thing to do. I had such a strong interest in strength training in particular, I figured if you are going to try and make a living from it you have to work hard and be passionate and be able to see a future in it basically- it’s got to be something that’s not a fad or a temporary thing.”

In 2012 she was named one of the 10 most influential women in the strength and conditioning world and one of the top 100 most influential personal trainers. As a competitive Olympic weightlifter and powerlifter, she won bronze at the British Weightlifting Championships in 2013 and a silver in the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships in 2009.

She said: “I started making connections and realising that I could bring people together. Even though I wasn’t necessarily meeting people in person in the gym, because I had this blog and online connections, I knew that there were women out there who wanted to lift.”

As one of the first coaches in the UK to focus on getting women into weight training and feeling confident, hundreds more women are taking their rightful place in the weight room as a result of her classes and workshops.

“The kind of people I get that come to me are people that feel like they want to do something for themselves long-term not for anyone else. It’s not about looking sexy or whatever (a little bit) but it’s just a sense of I want to take care of myself.”

Sally held an interesting view on why women feel like they can’t progress in weight-lifting: “People come into the gym thinking that they can’t do anything, having a negative mindset- you can see the mind going to the words ‘I can’t’ before they’ve even tried.”

Her classes, Ladies Who Lift allow women of all abilities to try and get into lifting in a safe and knowledgeable environment.

She said: “I’ve seen people completely transform and I’ve definitely had that experience myself. That was part of the reason for starting Ladies Who Lift as well as I felt like weight-training had such a massive positive impact on me. I thought everyone should be allowed to do this- people should know this is possible. I think the confidence is a massive one. Confidence and also a sense of what’s possible.”

Sally has gained a lot of information and expertise in this area from years of hard work and you could see the passion in her eyes: “With weight training, the effort is so tangible: it’s physical effort, it’s mental effort, it’s getting into the gym and the routine, it’s recovering well and eating well. You know in your heart what you’ve done to get the result that you’ve got, so you can feel genuinely happy that you’ve put some effort in and got a good result.”

She summarised how the hard work and effort in weight training has changed people’s perspectives in life: “Nothing is handed to you on a plate and that’s another way I’ve seen people change, they lose that sense of entitlement and realise that it’s just about putting the effort in and enjoying the rewards.”

To read about what a training session with Sally Moss involves, click here: Girl Power: An insight into a competitive female weight-training session


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