Girls Who Lift is both an informative and entertaining blog for beginners and advanced female weightlifters alike.

As the most beneficial exercise that women can do, lifting is amazingly beneficial in so many ways, and no- it won’t make you look manly! There are many misconceptions like these which Girls Who Lift aims to put to rest and to inspire women to lift with pride all over the world!
This blog is meant for those who want to find information about lifting, where you can read interviews with world class strength-trainers and competitive athletes, informative articles on exercises, recovery, diet and much more.

There are hundreds of women out there who like myself found the intimidation of the free weights area in the gym incredibly frightening in the beginning. And so even if you are not looking to compete and are only doing it casually, Girls Who Lift can help nurture your interest in the world of weight-training as a lifestyle in a fun, intriguing way.

So, are you ready to step out of your Cardio comfort zone, leave that treadmill behind and start getting stronger?


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